Adding and Editing Users

Each person who needs to look at ChartCapture charts needs their own account in ChartCapture. It’s simple to set them up, but first, a special note from the ChartCapture Support Team mascot, Walter the dog:

If Jenny’s username in your EMR is jsmith and her username in ChartCapture is jennys, that’s no good! The usernames must match. What happens if they don’t? Your EMR link won’t work… and that makes us sad.

Passwords, PINs, and even the users’ first, last, and middle names don’t need to match;┬áJust the usernames.

Adding and Editing users is quick, straightforward, and easy. Here’s how to do it.


Head over to your ChartCapture website, which is something like Login and you should see this:



You’ll see this:

To create a new user, click “Add New” and fill out the info.

Remember! Make sure every new username you create matches a username in your EMR!

To edit an existing user, click that user and edit the info:

Pro Tip: Check out our handy chart all about User Permissions

Ka-Boom! That was easy. Nice work!

That was so great it’s probably time to go eat some cookies or pie; You’re rockin’ this ChartCapture stuff!

Need more users?

Give us a shout at and we’ll hook you up with some more user licenses in a matter of minutes. Sweet!

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