Viewing Charts from a Web Browser

You’ve got documents in ChartCapture. Hooray! Let’s look at them!

Want to see how awesome they look? It’s easy.

Head over to your ChartCapture website

Guess what? You have your very own ChartCapture website with its very own address. The address is different for each clinic, but follows the format ““. Consult your documentation (or ask us!) if you don’t know your address.

Log in

Put in your username and password and hit “log in.”

Find a Patient

See those boxes? Type some information in there to find a patient to view. Let’s look up patient Seymore Charts. You can search by name, DOB, or account number; Use what works best for you!

You’ll see a list of patients (or just one). Click the patient you want to view.

Check out that Beautiful Chart!

Scroll to view pages, click tabs to change sections, hit buttons to do other things– We think it’s pretty cool. You scanned that chart and now you’re looking at it on the internet. High five!

But wait, there’s more

If you’re a ChartCapture administrator, you’ll see a little “gear” icon at the top of your screen. Clicking that takes you to the ChartCapture Manage Page, where you can do all sorts of fun things with the chart: Reorder pages, remove pages, even move documents from one chart to another! Very cool.

Want to learn more about the Gear and the Manage Page? We have a tutorial about that too.


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