Scanning Charts

This is what it’s all about: Getting those piles of paper into ChartCapture. Once you’ve prepped some charts, you’re ready to scan! Here’s how.

Touch the screen to get started!

First, log in

Remember that PIN number? That’s what you punch in here.

Find your patient

You’ve got a prepped chart in your hands, ready to scan; The next step is to find that patient in the system.

You can search by name or by account number. It’s really personal preference, but a lot of folks find it easiest to search by account number. Up to you!

“Big Chart” or “Scan Chart”?

Take a look at the chart you’ve got there. Is it a giant chart? Tons of pages? Too big to fit in the scanner tray?

If it’s a┬ábig chart, you’ll probably want to scan it one section at a time with “Big Chart”. (Read more about “Big Chart” here)

Got a regular size chart with black separator sheets? Hit “Scan Chart” to scan it all at once!


Almost there! Grab your chart (or section) and put it in the scanner tray. Hit scan and watch those papers fly into the scanner!


Yup, that was it. Congratulations: You did it!

Important note: If you see the message “Successfully Scanned” you are in business and can move on. If you see any kind of error message like “Paper Jam”, something strange happened. Instead of making you guess which pages made it into ChartCapture and which didn’t, if there is an error none of your scan will get uploaded to ChartCapture.

Simply rescan and you’ll be good to go.

What’s next?

Done scanning? Now might be a good time to check out our “Viewing Charts in a Web Browser” tutorial.

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