Prepping Charts

Get ready to scan: Prep some charts

Before a chart goes into the scanner, you’ll need to get it ready for scanning. Here’s how to do it in a few simple steps.

Remove staples, paperclips, and any other hardware

Scanners and staples don’t get along. Make sure to remove any heavy metal attached to the pages. Some folks say it helps to listen to Led Zeppelin or AC/DC while doing this.

Two ways to scan

ChartCapture is no one-trick pony: In fact, there are two ways to scan! Using the “Big Chart” button: You can scan a chart one section at a time by pressing “Big Chart.” This is helpful for those really big charts that won’t fit in the scanner tray, or if you don’t want to use black separator sheets.

If you scan with “Big Chart,” the only prep you need to do is remove hardware; Don’t use any black separator sheets. Once that’s done, you’re ready to scan! Using the “Scan Chart” button: This is the fastest way to scan a chart because you can scan it all at once. Using black separator sheets, the scanner knows where to put each section. This method does require a bit more preparation.

Click here to learn more about scanning with “Big Chart.”

Add black separator sheets and “No Documents” pages to the chart

There are two tools in your chart-prepping arsenal: Black sheets and “No Documents” pages.

Here’s how the process goes:

  1. Grab the documents from your first section.
  2. After the first section, place a black sheet. Then grab the documents from your second section, add a black sheet.
  3. Keep doing this for each section in your chart.
  4. If a section doesn’t have any documents, slip in a “No Documents” page. This tells anybody viewing the chart that no pages were skipped, that there are indeed no documents in that section. Cool, huh?
  5. When you get to your last section, there’s no need to add a black separator sheet at the end. You don’t need a black separator sheet at the very beginning or the very end, only between sections.

Once you’ve got a delicious chart sandwich of documents, black separator sheets and  “No Documents” pages if needed, you’re ready to scan!

More about Black Separator Sheets

Scanners, like computers, aren’t very smart. They can’t tell which pages go into which section: That’s why we use the black sheets. When the scanner sees a black sheet, it knows to put the next documents into the next section.

What’s next?

Let’s scan some charts!

Visual Learner?

Want to see what we’re talking about? Watch this awesome video:

Chart Prep 101 – pre-synch 019 synced

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