Getting your EMR/EHR Link

We play nice with others.

ChartCapture and your EMR can be best friends. We sequence electrons into ones and zeroes and make magic together!

That’s just a geeky way to say that we provide your EMR with a way to link directly to the patient charts you’ve scanned in ChartCapture with a single click. Ones and zeroes aside, it works like magic.

Pick your EMR or EHR vendor from the list below for more information:

“Whoa! Slow down! My vendor isn’t in this list!” (If your vendor is in the list, you can ignore this part.)

Don’t worry, we play nice with everybody and this ain’t our first “not in the list” rodeo. You need to talk to the ChartCapture Implementation Team. Give them a shout! They’ll work with your EMR/EHR to get a solution.

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