Big Chart Tips

Got a big chart? Scan it with “Big Chart!”

The “Big Chart” button allows you to scan into ChartCapture one section at a time. Got a chart too big for your scanner tray? Use “Big Chart.”

When you click “Big Chart,” you’ll see the option to “Add Pages.” Click that and you can choose into which section you want to scan.

Remember: When you using “Big Chart” you don’t need to use any black separator sheets! Easy peasy.

But the section I have to scan won’t even fit in the tray!

Not to worry– here’s what you do.

Take that giant section and split it into two parts. First, scan the back part– the second half. Then, scan the first part.

Why? The newest scans in ChartCapture show up first; Older scans show up last. When you scan the back halfand then the front half, when you’re all done that section will look just right and the pages will go in the order they should.

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