Getting Started Guide: Paper

Oh, hello there. You’re new?

We’re experts at new. It’s our job help you kick some serious butt.

First, a quick question – have you completed your Setup Form? The Setup Form allows you to customize every detail of your ChartCapture system, from the scanner you’ll use to the color of each tab in your charts. After signing up with ChartCapture, you’ll receive instructions all about this process.

Once your Setup Form and payment has been received we will build your personalized ChartCapture website. Then you’re ready to rock & roll.

In a few quick steps you’ll be emptying out your file room. Here’s what to expect:

We’re your training wheels. Use us.

At any point when you have questions, and you will, open a ChartCapture Support Case and our team will reach out lickety-split!

Note: While these items are all important, they don’t always need to be addressed in this order.

As soon as your ChartCapture website has been created we’re ready to load your patient data. You may send it prior to receiving your CaptureStations.

You may also begin the administration of your website. Administration is a fancy word for “setting stuff up.” You can add your system users and have a look around before your CaptureStations arrive.

Your EMR/EHR link may take just a bit to get in place. That depends entirely on your EMR vendor. It is highly suggested that you begin scanning before the link is in place. Attacking your appointment list makes sure that you’re ahead of the game.



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