Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started (Paper)

Q: Will my scanner work with ChartCapture?
A: Quite possibly. We have a list of approved scanners for your reference. If it isn’t on the list, it won’t work.

Q: How do my patients get into ChartCapture?
A: We take your patient demographics and import them into ChartCapture. Don’t worry- it’s easy! More details here.

Q: I’m an IT professional. What will I have to do to maintain a CaptureStation?
A: Not much- just make sure the CaptureStation has power and a wired internet connection, plug things in, and our team does the rest.

Q: I have this cool USB WiFi adapter. Can I use it with ChartCapture?
A: ChartCapture does not support wireless internet connections. Just grab the included ethernet cable, plug it in, and you’re good to go!

Q: Where do I put the disc? How do I install everything?
A: Great news: No installation necessary, you don’t need to bother with discs or installers! Our software comes pre-installed. Just plug it in and turn it on. You’ll be scanning in no time.

Q: Can I install other programs on my ChartCapture computer/Can I use it like a regular computer/Can I watch YouTube videos on it?
A: No. The ChartCapture system is an appliance and should not be used for anything other than scanning into ChartCapture. The addition of any third party software can (and most likely will) interfere with the ChartCapture software.

Q: The little screen is asking for my “registration number.” What is that?
A: The “registration number” is a 4 digit number we use to keep track of CaptureStations. You’ll find it on a card in the box as well as on the touchscreen itself. Learn more here.

Q: How do I turn off my ScanStation?
A: Although it’s best to keep the ScanStation powered on to make sure all scanned documents make their way to the ChartCapture servers, if you need to turn off the computer simply tap the power button for a moment. That will tell the computer to shut itself down nicely, and after a minute or two the lights turn off. That’s it! Do not hold the power button or disconnect the power to the computer, as this can cause serious issues. NOTE: If a ChartCapture computer is found to have been shutdown improperly repeatedly, there may be a fee associated with its replacement.

Getting Started (General)

Q: Turns out I need more users. Can I have more users please?
A: Sure! Just let us know how many more you need. For more info about users and pricing, check this out.

Q: Will ChartCapture work with my EMR/EHR?
A: Yes! More details here.

Q: Oops! I need to change my tabs. Is that super hard?
A: Nope- it’s super easy! Get in touch and we’ll get your tabs just right.


Q: What if the patient I need to scan isn’t listed in the CaptureStation patient list?
A: It’s easy. We have a tutorial for that.

Q: How are ultrasounds, x-rays and large format documents scanned?
A: Those generally require a special process or other specialized equipment. More details here.

Managing Charts

Q: How do I view charts in ChartCapture?
A: Head over to your very own ChartCapture website; We’ve got a tutorial for that. Alternatively, you can view charts from within your EMR/EHR like magic! More about that here.

Q: Can I upload documents from my computer to a ChartCapture chart?
A: Absolutely! Here’s how

Q: Uh-oh, I forgot my password and I can’t get into the website!
A: Happens to the best of us! Let us know and we’ll reset your password for you.

Q: How do save a chart as a file on my computer?
A: It’s very easy. We have a tutorial all about it here


Q: Yikes, something isn’t working.
A: Trouble in paradise? Check out Solutions to Common Hiccups.

Q: What is my CaptureStation number?
A: It’s a 4-digit number we use to keep track of all those CaptureStations! Here’s where you find it.

Q: How do I get in touch with Support?
A: Excellent question! Simply open a case and a friendly human from the ChartCapture Support Team will be in touch lickety-split.

Q: What about phone support?
A: By far the fastest, simplest, and most efficient way to resolve technical issues is to open a case with our Support Team. More about our thoughts on phone support here.


Q: How does ChartCapture protect patient data?
A: There is a short answer (“Everything is encrypted, everything is backed up, everything is safe!”) and a long answer. Want the long answer? Check out our detailed explanation of ChartCapture & Security.

Q: What happens if I want to shred my old charts… Is everything backed up?
A: Of course! Everything is backed up in multiple locations in “the cloud”. Want more details? Read our detailed explanation of ChartCapture & Backups.


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