Adding and Editing Users

Each person who needs to look at ChartCapture charts needs their own account in ChartCapture. It’s simple to set them up, but first, a special note from Walter, the ChartCapture Support mascot:

Adding and Editing users is quick, straightforward, and easy. Here’s how to do it.




You’ll see this:

To create a new user, click “Add New” and fill out the info.

Remember! Make sure every new username you create matches a username in your EMR!

To edit an existing user, click that user and edit the info:

Pro Tip: Check out our handy chart all about User Permissions

Ka-Boom! That was easy. Nice work!

That was so great it’s probably time to go eat some cookies or pie; You’re rockin’ this ChartCapture stuff!

Need more users?

Open a support case and we’ll hook you up with some more user licenses lickety-split. Sweet!

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